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 ITCA is the only online one in full accordance with the UN Convention of 1968 . FAQ                                                        


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ITCA proudly provides you with the most professional IDD and also help you rent a car to save your plans!

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Why should you carry an international driver's permit in the UK?

An international driving permit is a necessary document that requires travelling to over 150 countries worldwide. This international driving permit will translate your driver's license into 15 different languages, which will help officials understand your information.  Along with an international driving license, carrying an international driver's permit is essential in the UK or outside UK. When travelling to a foreign country, countless bilateral treaties and agreements regulate IDP requirements. The bilateral treaties and agreements can change constantly. So you must carry a valid international driving License in the UK. If you are travelling to the UK, you may wish to self-drive a car, but it is impossible unless you have an international driving license UK and international driving permit UK. Without an international driver's permit in the UK, you need to travel through public transports like buses, trains, flights, etc. Many car rental companies require an international driving permit UK to get a rental car. Carrying an international driving permit will make your journey pleasant, and you will be legally secure while travelling on roads inside the UK. 

How to get an international driving license/international driving permit?

You can easily apply through this website by entering all the essential details required. This is a simple and easy process of getting an international driving permit UK from ITCA. You can apply for International driving license by yourself and print your copy if you need it. You need to fill in all essential information, like your first name, last name, your valid phone number, email address, birthplace, what country you are visiting, driver license number, date of driving license issued, date of expiry of driver license, need to mention which type of vehicle you can drive. For example, if you drive a motorcycle, you can select that, or you drive a light vehicle, then select a light vehicle or if you drive both, then select both. You need to enter your valid address, which is mentioned in your international driving license. Other than that, you need to mention the shipping address.  You will need to upload a scanned copy of your original international driving license headshot picture.

Apply For International Driving Permit UK

Why Should You Apply for a Driving Licence online?

The process of applying for an international driving license/ Idp license in a straight office will be difficult for you, and it will take your own time. The payment methods are also complicated, so it is better to apply for an international driver's license online. The process will take about 10 to 15 minutes while applying online. All you need is your driver's license and your national identification documents. Two passport size photos require your basic information like first name, last name, license validity date, issued date, your email id address, contact number, etc. You should keep your international driver's permit while travelling by yourself.


ITCA Processing Fees Only

The processing fee varies depending on the validity period requested by the applicant which is based on the UN Convention 1968"Not more than 3yrs":


  • 1- years validity 25 €

  • 2-years validity  32 €

  • 3-years validity  38 €

  • 5-years validity  45 €

  • 7-years validity  52 €

  • 10-years validity 60 €


All applications are processed instantly

Once your application is received, ITCA will start the verification process immediately. The usual processing time is 48 hours. However; urgent processing option is also available for a maximum of 12 hours long processing time.

  • Regular verification Time 48 hours

  • Urgent verification Time 12 hours

International Driving License UK


You may go for the electronic endorsed version of the grey standard booklet of the International Driving Document which you can print it yourself and save the shipping fees of the original hard copy, special for an urgent situation.

Benefits of an International Driving Permit

If you have an international driver's License UK, you can use it as an identification document abroad. You don't need a separate international driver's license, and you just need an international driving permit. If you want a rental car, then the rental companies will ask for an international driving permit in the UK. If you are from another country, you must have an international driver's permit by yourself, and also you need to carry all essential documents required to travel on the road of the UK. An international driver's permit will have all your information in different languages, making officials understand better.



Back Cover
Back Cover




ITCA IDP is a plastic card supported with bar codes and a booklet that translates your government-issued driver’s license into 15 main languages. Although your driver’s license lets you drive in many foreign countries, the translations in the International driving permit (IDP) are intended to minimize language barriers when you drive in countries where your driver's license language is not widely spoken or understood. That’s all an IDP does. It’s not a substitute for a valid, government-issued license. It can’t be used in place of a suspended or revoked license or as a government-issued identification card. And it won’t protect you from traffic tickets or “points.”


Main Elements:

GRN: is a unique global reference number that can be used to authenticate the validity of the IDP;

Valid Until: is your IDP expiry date;


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Expected completion time is 1 min

All you need is a copy of your valid national driver's license and a head-shot photo. In addition to a precise shipping address

  • Head-shot photo

  • Valid driver's license


ITCA offers a variety of shipping options. Starting from free regular mail to an overnight. Your international driving document will be shipped from one of three hubs USA, Turkey, or Dubai to ensure maximum cost effectiveness and time efficiency, but, please, plan 1 or 2 more days in-case of carriers exchange.

The Free shipping is to Europe only.

* Free mailed by the standard postal Gov. mail - no tracking code, Some applicants reported delays and sometimes not delivered the IDD to Europe.

Important rules while driving in the UK

Legal age of Driving in the UK is 17, but you can apply while you are 16. If you are 14, you can drive with some restrictions, driving with a learner's license.  A 13-year-old teen can also drive within private property, but you can't travel on public roads.  The driving test costs 62 euros for a light vehicle, and for a lorry, bus, and car costs will differ from one vehicle to another. You also need to carry a valid international driver's permit in the UK and need to have an international driver's license. You must carry all necessary documents, passports, old passports, etc.

Seat belts are a must in the UK. You need to wear a seatbelt, or you may get a fine of 100 Euros. If you are travelling without a seatbelt with children under 14 years of age, you will get 500 Euros as a penalty. You should not wear a seatbelt under your arm. If you wear your seatbelt like that, you may get a fine of 100 Euros. Children under the age of 3 do not require to wear a seatbelt.  If your child is 135cm tall, then they should wear a seatbelt.  


Take a drive anywhere in UK!
London, Lothian, Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Kent.


ITCA International Driving Document is the most trustable, experienced and acceptable at the global level, it is the best translation in full accordance with the only authenticity of the UN Convention 1968 on Road traffic regulations, that, along with your national driver's license enable you to break the language barriers to rent and/or drive a car in any country all over the world. 
ITCA's International Driving Document/International driving permit is well-known for international car rental companies.


Acceptable in most countries all over the world including USA, Canada, UK, India, Russia, Italy, South Africa, Australia, United Arab Emirate, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Lithuania require what so-called international driving license also named International Driving Permit IDP or translation of national/domestic driver's licenses. ITCA International Driving Document provides a translation of your national driver's license into 15 languages.

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